Printed Resources

Books: There are 13,500 books in the Library Like Text, Reference, Freedom fighter, English Novel, Dictionary.

Magazine, Journals, Periodicals, newsletters & reports: Reader’s Digest, The Economist, Time, Bangla Jol, IUBAT Journal, IUBAT News latter, And more…...

Daily English newspapers: There are 10 daily English newspapers in the Library.

Practicum Reports/Theses Paper: Every student must submit their Practicum Report before Library Clearance.

IUBAT Publication: IUBAT Library stocks IUBAT Publications.

IUBAT Conference Papers: IUBAT Bulletins: , IUBAT Newsletters:, IUBAT Prospectuses: , IUBAT Convocations:, IUBAT Review Journal:, KBAD Book:, Policy Brief:, Non-Government University Movement in Bangladesh:, 19th Foundation Day Celebration Book:, IUBAT Alumni Day Book:, IUBAT Department Published Books:, Memorabilia:, Center for Policy Research IUBAT


E-Books, E-Journals, E-Magazine, E-Report, CDs/DVDs, Soft copy of Practicum Reports/Theses Paper.